Apple Keynote 9.9.15

heutige Prognose
City Hall dome view of Bill Graham Civic Auditorum (right)
Foto by Luke Thomas

(Music playing)

TS: „Cause, baby, now we got bad blood“
„You know it used to be mad love“
„So take a look what you’ve done“
Special Act: Taylor Swift on stage – roaring Applause

Crowd on fire
TC: „Apple TV with Force Touch Display Keyboard“
„MultiCore, SuperFast, Impressive, You´ll love it featurebashing“
Anmerkung: Intel hat sowas schon lang, auf Android. Hier der Link in den Play Store
TC: „One More Thing“

Anmerkung: Keynote von hinten nach vorn. Personen: TC: T. Cook, TS: T. Swift, EC: E. Cue oder ähnlicher VP, GD Game Designer from somewhere else.

EC: iPad, cool intro video, lager display, pro edition, more expensive golden version, mega innovation: a stylus. VP from some graphics company joins the stage and draws a apple logo. Gorgeous.

GD: Demo of super advanced feature rich bowling game with Watch acelerometer interacting with iPhone.


TC: Watch – Millions sold – „customers lovin it“ „new straps“ WatchOS2 preview. Available Q1/16

Mega Applause
EC enters stage – new iPhone: „6s, faster bigger stronger (new Aluminum), Force touch, price stays the same, preorder now, buy sometime end 2015″


„iOS 9 gebrabbel, feature bashing“ gefolgt von „market share, available now“
Opening Video: Apple Store Hintertupfing, Entenhausen
TC: „Here is a video for you“
Anmerkung – auch andere Floskeln wie „It’s been an amazing year for Apple“
„Thank you for coming“
„Welcome to the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium“ Applause
„Good morning“

Total time: 1:45h
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